In cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Republika Srpska, Strengthening Nursing in BiH project continues to support theoretical and practical additional trainings for nurses from primary health care centers in Republika Srpska.

The second ten-day cycle of additional theoretical training for 32 nurses from nine primary health care centers in Republika Srpska ended on Sunday, May 19, 2024. In order to adequately care for the health of the people in their community, nurses must acquire a wide range of knowledge - through formal, informal and continuous trainings as a part of continuous professional development. The training provided an opportunity for nurses from primary health care centers Kozarska Dubica, Gradiska, Kostajnica, Novi Grad, Samac, Ostra Luka, Laktasi, Stanari and Brod to refresh and improve their knowledge and skills in various areas related to community nursing. 34 theoretical teaching units covered a wide range of different topics: from those related to care for patients with chronic diseases, elderly and palliative care patients, through postnatal care of mothers and children, and the entire community, to epidemiological topics and nursing care for patients with infectious diseases.

The lecturers and leaders of the training were nurses and experts in various fields, experienced in nurse education, responsible for the implementation of the program, who successfully completed a training in andragogic, didactic and pedagogical skills based on the "Curriculum for the basis of andragogic didactics for the education of teachers in the field of community nursing from primary health care centers in Republika Srpska".

The patients and population of the mentioned municipalities will benefit the most from the improved knowledge and skills of family medicine teams’ nurses, essential for the provision of quality community nursing services.