Access to community nursing 

Standardized health care services provision recognized by health care system, in combination with improved access to these services for the whole population, especially vulnerable and socially excluded groups will help respond comprehensively to their health needs. Improved access to nursing services will be provided using the CN model tested during the project Phase 1. Adapted and officially recognized models will define the scope of community nursing services and the ways they will be offered, which will contribute to their recognition by the health system and ensure cooperation with other departments and organizations within and outside health sector.

Inter-professional and inter-institutional cooperation in community nursing

Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Republika
Srpska, with the project’s support, organized in Primary Health Care Center Celinac the first out of three planned workshops for representatives of three municipalities in Republika Srpska: Celinac, Mrkonjic Grad and Knezevo.

Workshops/Public Consultations Held as a Part of the Selection Process
of 20 New Municipalities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the coming four years, the ProSes project will establish cooperation with 20 new municipalities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to
support their efforts to introduce/improve community nursing services.

Workshop for the Selection of 13 new Health Centers from the Republika Srpska

The Strengthening Nursing in BiH project will continue, within Component B, activities on the expansion of the improved model of community nursing in new 13 municipalities in  
Republika Srpska.