At the beginning of 2019, additional equipment for clinical skills cabinets for eight public, higher educational institutions in BIH was purchased, with a total value of 139,510 BAM. With this donation, the equipping of the cabinets that in the first phase of the project received the basic set of equipment has been completed.

Thanks to highly sophisticated models – simulators and professional mentors, the cabinets facilitate nursing students to practice simple and complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and nursing interventions in real working environment. After mastering the procedures on the models and nursing manikins, the students are ready to work with real patients. In this way, they are being prepared for clinical practice in health facilities and provision of professional and efficient nursing care.

Setting up and equipping the clinical skills cabinets is a part of the ongoing process of the reform and innovation of the teaching
curricula for the first and second nursing study cycles and their harmonization with the EU standards.

The equipment was purchased for the following educational institutions:

- Medical Faculty, University of Banja Luka
- Faculty of Health Studies, University of Bihac
- Medical Faculty in Foca, University of East Sarajevo
- Faculty of Health Studies, University of Mostar
- School for Applied Healthcare Sciences Prijedor
- Faculty of Health Studies, University of Sarajevo
- Medical Faculty, University of Tuzla
- Medical Faculty, University of Zenica

In the same time period, additional nursing equipment worth 62,364 BAM, was donated to eight primary health care centers (in Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Brcko, Mostar, Mostar Stari Grad, Odzak, Prijedor and Tuzla).