Strengthening Nursing in Bosnia and Herzegovina - ProSes Project and the Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia (Zveza zbornica – Zbornica zdravstvene in babiške nege Slovenije)��as a nursing regulatory body, organized a working visit to the Republic of Slovenia in the period 22-26 June 2021 for a delegation of the health and educational institutions representatives of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska, as well as the entity agencies for quality, certification and accreditation in healthcare.

The purpose of the working visit was that the delegates, as project partners, gain a better insight into how Slovenian health system is organized, especially in regard to educational and professional competencies and nurse work planning, as well as nurse workforce monitoring for better strategic and operational planning in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The visit will help the project and its partners in the implementation of the planned interventions and will emphasize the importance of investing in nurses.

The delegation had the opportunity to visits the following health and educational institutions and organizations: Primary Health Center Ljubljana, High Schools Center Ljubljana, Nurses and Midwives Associations of Slovenia, Angela Boskin Faculty of Health Care Jesenice, General Hospital Izola, Nursing High School Izola and the Parliamentary Committee for Health of the Republic of Slovenia.

The visit provided the insight into the following:

• Nurses licensure and re-licensure process
• Nursing high schools education reform
• Allocation of tasks and responsibilities in healthcare facilities among nurses holding nursing high school diploma and nursing   faculty degree
• Documenting nursing services
• Nurse work force registry use

Furthermore, during the visit to the hospital in Izola, participants had a chance to see paperless e-health care application. Also, at
the Primary Health Care Center Ljubljana the examples of nurses’ independent healthcare prevention and independent midwives practice were demonstrated.

The project and partners were also provided with a newly developed document on personnel standards and norms in the health care of the Republic of Slovenia.

The delegation consisted of the following representatives:

Republika Srpska:

•  Jasmina Boloban, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republika Srpska (RS MoE)
•  Mirjana Jankovic, Senior Technical Associate for Nursing, RS Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, (RS MoH), project contact   
•  Zdravko Grubac, Technical Associate, RS Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, (RS MoH)
•  Sladjana Vranjes, Assistant General Manager of the Clinical Center Banja Luka
•  Natasa Egeljic-Mihailovic, Senior Assistant, Faculty of Medicine Banja Luka, Nursing Studies

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

•  Vahida Krekic, Advisor, FBiH Ministry of Education and Science
•  Amir Demirovic, Advisor for Secondary Education, FBiH Ministry of Education and Science, project contact person
•  Dragana Galic, Advisor to the Minister, FBiH Ministry of Health, project contact person
•  Senad Huseinagic, Director of the Institute for Health and Food Safety, Zenica-Doboj Canton, project consultant
•  Adnan Bilic, Director, FBiH Agency for Quality and Accreditation in health (AKAZ)

Fondacija fami:

•  Dejan Sredic, Director
•  Ines Katic-Vrdoljak, Project Manager, ProSes
•  Eldin Fisekovic, Pillar 1 Manager – Nursing regulation and recognition, ProSes
•  Ena Bucan, Pillar 3 Manager – Formal university-level nurse education, ProSes
•  Senad Mavric, Project Associate

PHOTOS - Parliamentary Committee for Health of the Republic of Slovenia

PHOTOS - Primary Health Center Ljubljana

PHOTOS - High Schools Center Ljubljana and Nurses and Midwives Associations of Slovenia

PHOTOS - Angela Boskin Faculty of Health Care Jesenice

PHOTOS - General Hospital Izola

PHOTOS - Nursing High School Izola

PHOTOS - Final Meeting of the BiH Group